St Swithin’s Day – July 15th


Today is St Swithin’s Day, when folklore says that whatever the weather is like on 15th July, will continue for the next 40 days. Above is an updated version of the Elizabethan weather rhyme.

Hope the rain today does not continue over the Summer Holidays!

Sending sunshine and love – Debbie Dormouse xx

Knot Challenge Week 4


The Reef Knot can be used to tie 2 ropes together. Step 1 is probably the first knot we use when tying our shoelaces. If you use 2 different colours like in the diagram above you can check that the same string is on the same side to check that you have tied it properly.

Love Debbie Dormouse xx





My Tree


Why don’t you find a tree either in your garden or near to your house and write down as many facts about the tree that you can? Use the guide above to help you….. I have also put a tree identification sheet below to help you:


Send your pictures into school…. I would love to see them….

Love Debbie Dormouse xx




Knot Challenge Week 3


I hope you are enjoying the knot challenges, this weeks knot is The Slipknot.

  1. Make a loop with your string, rope or shoelace.
  2. Push the short end of the string through the loop.
  3. This makes a bunny ear shape loop which can be adjusted easily.

This knot can be used for Den Building, making friendship bracelets and knitting.

Stay safe everyone.

Love Debbie Dormouse xx

Mud Day 29th June


Fabulous weather for International Mud Day today……. Why don’t you have a go at painting with mud today. ¬†You could also add some natural colour by making paint from flowers, grass or berries!!!!


Show me your creations and send a photograph into school.

Love Debbie Dormouse xx





Knot Challenge

How-to-Tie-a-Clove-HitchThis weeks Knot Challenge is The Clove Hitch. This knot is useful for attaching a rope to another object, so can be used in Den Building or moving logs around the forest.

To practice tying this knot use string, rope or a shoelace together with a stick or a pencil.

Stay safe

Love Debbie Dormouse xx

Knot Challenge


Figure 8 Stopper Knot

Let’s see if we can learn 6 different Knots over the next 6 weeks, starting with the Figure 8 Stopper Knot.

Use string, rope or even a shoe lace to practice. Remember how we talk about the rope being a snake with a head and a tail.

  1. Pass the head around the body to form a loop.
  2. Take the head up through the top loop.
  3. Pull both ends of the rope to make the figure 8 knot.

This knot can be used when we get back to Forest School for Den Building or collecting natural materials.

Having knots that we can untie easily is important to avoid having to cut our ropes and strings.

Stay safe…….

Love Debbie Dormouse